Menu Planning Monday, Week 16 (the pantry episode)

My pantry looks like a mini-supermarket... and that can only mean one thing:

I have over-spent the budget... W.A.Y. overspent the budget. See I mentioned last week that I wanted to try bulk-buying once a month from the supermarket, and then minimise the following weeks budget in order to try saving more money. But I didn't take into account that this would mean buying double the expensive items like soy milk, dairy products, meat etc. So by the time I got to the counter; well lets just say it wasn't pretty!

Hubby has decided to take over the money - this is a good thing, as I am just not a saver... I have been trying really hard, and am doing better than in the past; but it's just not in my DNA (or so it seems). As this is more his strength than mine, it makes sense that he looks after it - we have had this 'discussion' over and over again for the past few years; but it always ends up falling back on my shoulders. I do okay for a while, but then I relax and over-spend on something(s) (generally food related, just can't help myself), and we repeat the cycle! Maybe this time, due to all the imminent changes coming - he'll just take over once and for all! 

Despite this, and the stress it caused, I L.O.V.E a full pantry; there is just something so satisfying about it. I can't explain it, I can't describe it, and I can't even begin to understand it - but there is obviously something deep down in my core that equates a full pantry with nourishing my family. 

And trust me, I have been drooling over more food - recipes, foodie blogs and Bin Inn are my weak links *sigh*! I just want to have a couple of weeks of NO budget, and go a little bit wild! Then have a whole week - child / responsibility free, so I can try out all these amazing ideas and recipes (and a HUGE fridge / freezer where I can then store everything; so it DOES get eaten)! One of Hubby's pet peeves is how much food we waste, in particular, the children; picky eater doesn't even begin to describe my son. He went to bed hungry for the first time tonight, as we're OVER IT! This is an entire blog post in and of itself; one day...

Anyway - onto other things!

Last week the menu went like this:

Monday = Honey, Ginger and Soy Chicken
Tuesday = Mini Mince and Lentil Pies

Mini Mince and Lentil Pies
GF Pastry, much softer and nicer than last time

Wednesday = Lemon and Thyme Pasta (or noodles)
Thursday = Left-Overs
Friday = Pizza
Saturday = Scrambled Eggs and Bacon on Toast
Sunday = Sausage and Rice Stir-Fry
Monday = Hoki Pie w/Tomato and Basil 

Hoki Pie w/Tomato and Basil

The rest of this week is still rather unknown, I have run out of grocery money, but have yet to buy all the meat we need (let alone extra fresh fruit and veggies - eeeek), I have however, managed to make up a list of over 30 meals in which to choose from each night! I now need to set it up on a big sheet and pin it up in my kitchen... But we don't have a working printer, which could cause a few problems! Maybe I just need to hand-write it up *sigh*!

Always a thousand little jobs to do, and never enough hours in the day to do them... sound familiar!?!

On top of that - I want to be more snack-ready, and have pre-made things in the freezer and pantry for the kids and us; we still tend to snack on the wrong things too often and I can feel the ramifications of this around my waist lately. But finding time to do regular baking is like squeezing extra time out of the day - it just doesn't happen! But I am hopeful that I might get some free time on a Monday, at least semi-regularly, to be able to fill those empty tins more often!

My latest offerings - Muesli Slice and Apricot Bites

But once more, time is marching on; so I say farewell again!

Have a great week!


Ooops on the budget :-(. You may have been better to have slowly increased your pantry until you could afford to shop fortnightly, and then gradually extend it...
Love and blessings
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