On Me and Them and Work and Food... And This!

So much has been happening here, but there seems to be very little available time to update this space; it is already getting late, so not even sure if I will get this written up tonight!

Yet another gorgeous sunset...

So I thought I would give you a few updates on all our current situations! The first, of course, is the upcoming move and job vacancy... So, while there is still no job, the big news is that I have switched focus, and have decided to go back to my teaching roots! Roots being the operative word - you have to dig down really hard to find the last time I worked with children who are not mine! But there is a Bachelor Degree sitting on the wall in the hallway that says I have completed it with honours, and thus am (supposedly) a good teacher (at least in theory)!

Early morning picnic lunch at our house... 
so early 'lil M still has his PJ's on!

I have made all the queries, and have found out that I don't have to do any retraining (despite it being almost 15 years since working in teaching), and all I have to do is apply to be put on the Teachers Register! As long as they accept me (which I was told is a pretty much done deal as long as I have completed and sent in all the correct documentation), I come out just like a fully trained teacher straight out of University. I am what they call 'Provisionally Registered', which means I have to work full-time under a mentor for two-three years, and complete a certain amount of 'extra paperwork' and 'homework' to a certain level, and than I gain my full registration, and can work at a more senior level. All new teaching grads at any level have to do this... I have been told there are quite a few teaching positions available within the area we are moving too, and it would be much easier to get a job in teaching than in Admin / Finance, which is where I was initially looking. 

So here is too a new job soon!

The other thing I did was to ring the local Kindergarten Association, and ask them what they would be wanting to see from me if they were to employ me. I was told I would require a current reference (which of course, I don't have) and some knowledge of current theory and practise (as above)! So I have contacted Buttons Preschool and asked if I could work there 2 mornings a week voluntarily (of course this means bringing 'lil M with me)! They are very excited to have me and the boy aboard (he has wormed his way into all their hearts, and they have been begging me for ages to let him start attending *grin*), so as of next week I will be working 9am to 12pm on Wednesday and Friday mornings; much to Buttons delight!

So today I emailed my contact and asked them to start looking for teaching jobs for me, because in reality by the time I apply for a job, get an interview, and then get offered the position - we're looking at a good 2-6 weeks! My husband then has to give a months notice at his work, and then we have to move... so by the time all of that has gone through, my application will have gone through the processes, and (hopefully) I have been accepted on the Teachers Register, and I'll have had a fair few weeks of 'work experience' behind me and gained a current reference as well!

So that Degree won't have gone to waste after all...

Two of my most favourite females - my Mum and my daughter!

So that is me in a nutshell...

Now onto other matters!

Button went and saw a Paediatrician the other day, one who specialises in allergies! She has severe rhinitis (allergies to dustmites, cat / dog, grasses, pollen), and now is on regular medication for it! What a difference it is making to her sleep! So pleased with it, as I never realised how bad it was for her  - poor little one! But she now crashes as soon as her head hits the pillow, and sleeps right through the night - no waking for the toilet, no waking due to sneezing and itchy nose! Amazing (I thought she just had a bad bladder, turns out that this is not the case *grin*)!

Four of my favourite people - my parents and my children!
Notice Dad's moon-boot? 
At 74, having never broken a bone in his body, he broke his foot in TWO places! 
And at church to boot!!!!

We also now need to 'test' her every six months regarding her food allergies; because they are not severe reactions, they can be done at home and not in a controlled environment. She wanted us to start her slowly on Rolled Oats, which is gluten but not wheat (as it was wheat she had reacted to in the past, however we had ruled out all gluten), and she is so excited - she has had porridge for breakfast every.single.day for two weeks now! No reactions at all... SO excited, as just rolled oats opens up a whole range of things for me with baking, and her for eating (porridge being a prime example, but also muesli bars and anzac biscuits etc)! We are also letting her have marmite on her sandwiches, but currently have left her on these alone; will need to try some wheat-based products soon!

We grabbed a date-night out while we could the other night...
Thanks Mum and Dad!

With the dairy it was suggested we try baked dairy first; so include butter and milk in my baking, make a cheese sauce as part of dinner, have pizza with a scraping of melted cheese on top! So far, so good there also - she has reacted physically to dairy once, but that was very minimal compared to what she was like. We have allowed her to have yoghurt once as well, but have kept everything to fairly small doses so far. I feel with dairy it is the build up in her system that causes problems, as she was back on dairy for a while after she turned two - she seemed fine initially, but as time went on she started to react more and more severely. So I will be watching dairy closer than gluten, as gluten tends to be a quicker and more violent reaction for her!

But apparently it is from four years onwards that children start to outgrow these allergies - so we have hope now, and so far things are looking positive!

My cat likes to hide (sleep) in boxes...

Hubby is doing better after the 'Elizabeth Elimination Diet' (or the EED); we're still not 100% sure what he does and does not react to, so while he is back on 'normal' food, it is still fairly restrictive compared to the rest of us. He is very excited about Button, and is going to give Rolled Oats a go as well, and see if he can handle those. He also tried to reintroduce dairy back into his diet, but that was a no-go; however - we can live within those boundaries, and have been doing so for quite some time now. I have stocked up on quite a bit of plain red meat for him (chops, steak, schnitzel etc), so on nights I cook something he can't handle - he can cook himself up some meat to go with the veggies / carbs we have.

Homemade Sugar-Free Blueberry Jam, a big hit all round!

As you have probably noticed - this blog is focusing more and more on food, and cooking. We are slowly changing our habits and our ways, and eating more and more wholefoods. It began out of necessity with all the allergies, but it is now something my husband and I are both very passionate about; and we will be seeing this through for the children sake, and also our future health. 

Chewy Apricot Muesli Bar by Homegrown Kitchen

I have got to the point where I am so interested I would really like to study nutrition in the future; obviously in our current situation, with me going back to work full-time, this is not possible! But one day, hopefully, when things settle back down and I get some spare time on my hands - this is where I would like to focus it. Specifically on families with allergies; I remember the complete and utter despair when  I discovered, much to my horror, that I would need to learn how to cook speciality foods, and learn fast! 

Choco Peppermint Truffles based on 

This is also, in the future, where I would like my blog to focus as well - again, I don't have enough time nor understanding to even consider it becoming a 'foodie' blog at this stage in my life; but I am hoping to revamp this and make it more up-to-date with my current interests! In time, I will quite likely start a separate food blog, with a name more appropriate to that, but for now this can stay as it is - just more up-to-date!

My baby is starting to grow up!

I have a number of recipes up my sleeve that I want to share here with you, but they will need to wait for yet another night... most of them are my own takes on other peoples recipes, so I will always link back to the original!

Kowhai Flowers in our back garden

So that is the latest from our end, I hope you're all having a wonderful week! TGIF tomorrow!


Love the early morning picnic lunch :-)!! There are some great photos in this post. You will survive the change in routine - but it might take a day or two.
Love and blessings
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