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Keeping It Real...

Eeeek - I really thought I would have a bit more time for blogging and other such fun pursuits over the next two weeks; what with hubby home and all! A BIG FAT NO accompanies the above sentence, I don't know what I was thinking really...  We have a four bedroom house with two bathrooms, and loads of storage - and we FILL it up, to the brim!  We are packing, cleaning, decluttering, Trade-Me-Ing, storing, giving away and generally keeping ourselves VERY busy! I haven't even managed an e-mail to tell friends yet - there are so many people who have yet to hear of these big life changes.  And due to the fact we are not moving into our own home after all, like we'd planned, rather we're sharing with my parents... we now have to pack under four catagories! 1) The things that HAVE to go with us to Mum and Dad's. 2) The things that have to be stored at Mum and Dad's. 3) The things that can be stored off-site at my brothers house! 4) Long term sto

16 Sleeps and Counting...

In the past 48 hours our life has taken a dramatic turn... lets repeat that; D.R.A.M.A.T.I.C turn, yep - it's that big! At least to me it feels THAT big! Late last week hubby verbally gave his notice in for December as we agreed to; although we were aware that if one of the jobs came through, it could be a week or two sooner than the December date we gave. On Monday his boss called him into his office, and told him that they were prepared to pay him out until December, and Tuesday would be his last day. Just like that. So he got a lovely send-off with a morning tea and gift, and all those little speeches people feel obligated to give - and as of 4:30pm yesterday he became unemployed; and much to the children's delight, is now home full-time with us! So this means we are currently living in Auckland on no income - eeeek! So on Monday night I got on the phone to my parents (good old Mum and Dad) , and arranged with them that we can stay with them when we move down s

5 @ 5 - Favourite LOCAL Foodie Blogs

So this time I thought I would share with you my favourite  NEW ZEALAND foodie blogs - I gain a lot of inspiration from these blogs, and check in regularly. I have been lucky enough to have met two of these lovely ladies in real life as well; and have been to a course run by one! I have a whole lot of other food blogs I follow as well, but these are the ones I recommend to local friends & family - there is nothing worse than being sent to a whole heap of blogs that have nothing in common with us! I will be sharing others that I follow as well in time, both from Australia and America... but sit back, relax and soak in the food-loveliness from these ladies; yum! 1) You must have been living with your head under a rock if you haven't heard of Eleanor from  Petite kitchen  fame, not only have I referred to her often; but she has columns in Viva, Little Treasures, Taste Magazine, Nature Baby and probably many other places by now! She has a cookbook out (of which I have a copy o

5 @ 5 - In The Kitchen From Scratch

I promise I have not forgotten Menu Planning Monday; nor the 'Gratefulness Project' I have been talking about, or even the whole 'Confidence Series' I was going to do! I have had a friend here for a couple of days, hence why Monday went astray this week... but onwards and upwards! I have got a few ideas up my sleeve, and decided I would start another whole lot of posts until I manage to get all these ideas down! It is a way of working through all my lists running through my head; but in a short, sharp sequence - so I feel like I have given you something, but I don't look at my screen 20 lines down, and go blank and never hit publish! So I am going to try randomly, to get some 5@5 Posts up again; you may remember I did a few of them a LONG time ago (probably a good two years ago now)... you can find them  here ,  here ,  here , and  here . There were probably others, but these are the ones I could find quickly for you! So without further ado - here is my
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