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In the past 48 hours our life has taken a dramatic turn... lets repeat that; D.R.A.M.A.T.I.C turn, yep - it's that big! At least to me it feels THAT big!

Late last week hubby verbally gave his notice in for December as we agreed to; although we were aware that if one of the jobs came through, it could be a week or two sooner than the December date we gave.

On Monday his boss called him into his office, and told him that they were prepared to pay him out until December, and Tuesday would be his last day. Just like that. So he got a lovely send-off with a morning tea and gift, and all those little speeches people feel obligated to give - and as of 4:30pm yesterday he became unemployed; and much to the children's delight, is now home full-time with us!

So this means we are currently living in Auckland on no income - eeeek! So on Monday night I got on the phone to my parents (good old Mum and Dad), and arranged with them that we can stay with them when we move down south. I then contacted the Landlord (who is currently away overseas), and explained the situation to him, and gave him our notice for the weekend of November 1st... rather than December like we'd told him.

Truck is sorted, packers are sorted, cleaners are sorted (me, hubby and Mum *grin*), dates are sorted, storage is sorted at the other end... now it's just tying up the loose ends, saying goodbye (sniff, sniff) and packing the house up.

Ohhhh - did I mention that we have no job to go down to yet? Yep, this is a HUGE leap of faith, for us and my parents! I have two job applications in that I am waiting on, a third one came back with a no yesterday; and I have heard through the grapevine that there could be another couple of suitable jobs coming up.

It is scary and exciting all at the same time - we have been planning this since May, we have a house available to us once we get a steady income; but until then we will just have to enjoy each day, and pray that the right job comes along at the right time. Once we are down there, I can pop in face to face and introduce myself to people and hand them my CV... and as long as my provisional Teachers Registration comes through soon, I can also relief teach until something comes up, which does pay well.

We'll be okay, I know that - and sometimes you have to take a risk to make the future worth living for. But between now and when the risk pays off, I need to learn to breathe in deeply, enjoy the moment and not worry about tomorrow!

So join me as we transition our family from city life to small town life, and move from a stay-at-home Mum to a working Mum! I know there will be bumps along the way, which I am bound to share with you; but in five years time it will all be a distant memory!


Wow, this is huge! Such a big change for you all, but one I'm sure you will manage brilliantly. I will have all the appropriate appendages crossed that one of those job applications is successful for you. It'll be a busy couple of weeks for you - remember to breathe xxx
Will keep you in prayer that the right job comes along and you get a great sense of peace that it is!
Scary and exciting at the same time about sums it up - we are looking and thinking ';that has to change', 'that has to go' etc, etc!
Love and blessings
Sammy said…
That is amazing! All the very best, what a wonderful change for you all xxx
Aynsley said…
Wow that is big news. Good luck with the move.
Big changes Elizabeth, but I know that when you know it's right, God has a way of moving everything into place. Will be looking forward to hearing how it all goes. x
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