5 @ 5 - Favourite LOCAL Foodie Blogs

So this time I thought I would share with you my favourite  NEW ZEALAND foodie blogs - I gain a lot of inspiration from these blogs, and check in regularly. I have been lucky enough to have met two of these lovely ladies in real life as well; and have been to a course run by one! I have a whole lot of other food blogs I follow as well, but these are the ones I recommend to local friends & family - there is nothing worse than being sent to a whole heap of blogs that have nothing in common with us! I will be sharing others that I follow as well in time, both from Australia and America... but sit back, relax and soak in the food-loveliness from these ladies; yum!

1) You must have been living with your head under a rock if you haven't heard of Eleanor from Petite kitchen fame, not only have I referred to her often; but she has columns in Viva, Little Treasures, Taste Magazine, Nature Baby and probably many other places by now! She has a cookbook out (of which I have a copy of course), that has remained in the Top Ten Non-Fiction Books around New Zealand for more than five months now, and she is sought after for catering! As well as all the above, she has had many articles written about her, and been interviewed many times, amoung many other things as well I am sure. She is only in her mid-twenties, has no formal training, and started this journey through her blog only 2-3 years ago! She is an inspiration for those who have a passion to make a difference. Her and a friend, who is just as passionate about clean eating, have started their own cafe in Kingsland, Auckland called Mondays Wholefoods, and I will be going there with my sister-in-law before we leave Auckland!

2) My next most favourite foodie blog would have to be Nicola Galloway from Homegrown Kitchen

I find most of her recipes really easy to follow, quick and tasty, and family friendly (always a good thing); I have favourites, which we go back to again and again! She has just put out limited edition calendar for next year, full of more recipes -  I have preordered my copy! She is down to earth, makes an effort to respond to any questions and comments, does really good cooking workshops around the country, and has kids almost exactly the same age as my two! She also has a book out called Feeding Little Tummies, which I have a copy of as well! I love her passion for feeding her family good, wholesome and clean food; and for sharing it with others as well!

3) 4) 5) ooops, and  just remembered a number 6) worth sharing!

I can't decide which of these blogs I like the most - and I don't know a lot about these lovely ladies, however their blogs always leave me drooling and inspired! All their cooking is clean, and wholefood, a lot of it is allergy-friendly (one of the things that drew me to all of these blogs) and all of them are worth checking out!

So without further ado:

Kelly (and me) of Bonnie Delicious

Hannah at Country Kitchen

Beth at Hungry Cub

And last, but not least

Hannah at Health Yeah
This Hannah is Eleanor's business partner at the Monday Wholefoods Cafe

Hopefully these blogs leave you feeling as hungry and as inspired as they leave me, each time I visit! If I am having a 'bad food day', I only need to pop into some of these blogs, and all the reasons why I am spending so many hours in our kitchen come flooding back to me! They may not know it personally, but all of them in some way or another, have inspired me to continue on this road of clean eating, and feeding my family good food! It is a constant journey, always with more to learn; more recipes to try, more cooking to do, more ingredients to buy and try out, more food to eliminate from our pantry / fridge... feels never-ending some days; but it's all worth it in the end!


:-) another goodie, but I dare not follow the links or a certain DH would just about give up on me :-). I consider it quite an achievement to get to where we are now!
Love and blessings
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