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I promise I have not forgotten Menu Planning Monday; nor the 'Gratefulness Project' I have been talking about, or even the whole 'Confidence Series' I was going to do! I have had a friend here for a couple of days, hence why Monday went astray this week... but onwards and upwards!

I have got a few ideas up my sleeve, and decided I would start another whole lot of posts until I manage to get all these ideas down! It is a way of working through all my lists running through my head; but in a short, sharp sequence - so I feel like I have given you something, but I don't look at my screen 20 lines down, and go blank and never hit publish!

So I am going to try randomly, to get some 5@5 Posts up again; you may remember I did a few of them a LONG time ago (probably a good two years ago now)... you can find them hereherehere, and here. There were probably others, but these are the ones I could find quickly for you!

So without further ado - here is my current 5@5:

Top 5 Things I Make From Scratch in the Kitchen that I wouldn't go back on!

1) I make my own stock; I regularly make chicken stock, but I have also made vegetable stock and am going to give beef a go very soon! I also want to try fish stock at some stage! If you're interested in how I do this, I am happy to share with you - I did a lot of research, but as time goes on you get a feel for it, and come up with your own way of doing it; and that is where I am at!

2) I make all our tomato sauce now as well - I promise a recipe soon, and I have just found a recipe for making 'ketchup' from scratch with fresh tomatoes! Currently I still use tinned, as that is the cheapest way for us, with tomato season not yet in full swing! But over summer I would love to make it from scratch with fresh tomatoes, and freeze a whole lot for use over next winter. But we will see... time will be at a premium then, with (hopefully) going back into full-time work.

3) We roast our own coffee beans - this is still a work in progress really, we have not yet found the perfect temperature or time; and while it is a mission on mornings you wake up and realise the coffee jar is empty, and it is going to be a while before you can have your first coffee. I wouldn't change it now, as the coffee is a much richer, and deeper flavour than you can get anywhere else... I LOVE our coffee!

4) I bake our own bread - this can be a nuisance, as I have to be home for a minimum of 2-3 hours in one stretch, and I can't do it at night (our mixer is SO loud, it would wake both the kids up)! The novelty wore off a LONG time ago; however the health benefits it gives our family see's me doing it again and again! We started this due to my husband becoming gluten-intolerant, the cost of gluten-free bread at the Supermarkets is astronomical ($6-8 p/loaf), but we discovered  The Gluten Free Store through a couple of other friends who are either celiac, or have family who are; and we haven't looked back (we can bake a loaf of gluten-free bread through their premixes for as low as $3.30 p/loaf). Then when we thought our daughter may also be intolerant to gluten, we decided the whole family can eat this bread - it is as cheap as buying a good quality loaf of 'normal' bread at the supermarkets; and is much better for all of us (I add linseed to the bread, to add even more nutritional value)!

5) I make our own jam - I have tried about 3 different recipes, and made our jam four times now. I have enjoyed all of them personally, but the rest of the family have been a bit slower on the uptake! However, I think we are finally onto a winner now - I use a recipe from Homegrown-Kitchen, however the link I have included is not the link to the jam I have been making! But it is a recipe for making your own jam however (I use prunes, not dates and I don't think there was any lemon juice in it). There are plenty of other recipes out there for this - so if your family doesn't like your first / second or even third attempt, then just google and try, try and try again!

One of the reasons we have chosen to make our own jam and tomato sauce is because of the sugar content in the processed stuff you buy at the supermarket! We were doing this even before the Nigel Latta Doco on sugar (which I have yet to watch I might add); and is one of the reasons we wouldn't go back to our old ways. A lot of the reasons we have made the changes we have is actually down to health - my husband and daughter have allergies and intolerances, and this has been the catalyst for us looking at our over-all eating and health as a family... we still have a LONG way to go, and there are still loads of things I want to try; but for now these 5 things will have to suffice, with a few other random things thrown in when and as time allows!


I like these 5@5 posts - and great to see a review of your culinary progress :-)
Blessings and love
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