Keeping It Real...

Eeeek - I really thought I would have a bit more time for blogging and other such fun pursuits over the next two weeks; what with hubby home and all!

A BIG FAT NO accompanies the above sentence, I don't know what I was thinking really... 

We have a four bedroom house with two bathrooms, and loads of storage - and we FILL it up, to the brim! 

We are packing, cleaning, decluttering, Trade-Me-Ing, storing, giving away and generally keeping ourselves VERY busy! I haven't even managed an e-mail to tell friends yet - there are so many people who have yet to hear of these big life changes. 

And due to the fact we are not moving into our own home after all, like we'd planned, rather we're sharing with my parents... we now have to pack under four catagories!
1) The things that HAVE to go with us to Mum and Dad's.
2) The things that have to be stored at Mum and Dad's.
3) The things that can be stored off-site at my brothers house!
4) Long term storage (e.g. boxes not to be opened until we manage to buy our own place).

Yep, it's a BIG job, made bigger by having to do it around two small children this time... and trying to meet their needs at the same time, and fitting in the normal day-to-day running of a house that can't be altogether avoided.

So in tune with the title, and 'Keeping it Real', I will be taking a bloggy break, and quite possibly, an IG break (or at least not on there as much) for the next 3-4 weeks as we pack, move and settle in down south.

However - stay tuned, as I will be posting updates in time, and keeping you up with all the changes and news as I can!


Know the feeling 0 we also are de-cluttering, trade-ne-ing etc....
Looking forward to it
Blessings and love
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