I WAS Going to Blog Tonight...

But I have rejoined Facebook *sigh*, and it is already sucking the life out of me! I wish I didn't have such an addictive personality ;-)!

Anyway, on that note - please come to my facebook page for my blog and 'like' it; to be kept more up-to-date with what I am doing, and how everything is going! I am hoping to novelty will wear off soon, and I will be able to use it just as the tool it is meant to be (hahaha)!

Hubby has been downloading all my photos onto a private google+ account, in order to keep them safe! And we have just discovered how to download them and then upload them onto here - a bit of a long-winded way around, but I can start finally including more photos in my posts again!

Here is a current one of me:

New hair and clothes... celebrating the move south!
Oh, and getting a job - eventually!

There is so much to say, but I have wasted my time on facebook; arghhh! Suffice to say, I have big plans - the first thing will hopefully be a whole new look!

But until I have more time, and more energy (it is after 9:30pm after all, and we've had very few decent sleeps yet), it will all just have to wait...

This really was just a 'pop in and say hello' post anyway!


Tut tut - self discipline my dear :-), self discipline.
Love and blessings
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