Nobody Ever Promised It Would Be Easy...

Everything about this move has been a struggle... at least it feels like it! I know, in reality, it hasn't been - but right now, it is!

There is still no job BUT, there is an interview on the horizon... so Tuesday week I'll be donning the good clothes and the make up, turning the charm on and oozing confidence! Probably everything I won't be feeling inside; but sometimes you just got to 'fake it until you make it'! This job has been tailor-made for me, using all the skills I currently have; it would be the perfect 'get me back into the workforce' job, challenging but not too stressful (I think)!

Then there is the house... what house? The house that does not yet exist house; oh yeah, THAT house!

That sign should read 'Property, Not People'!

The Silver Lining:

I had an appointment with WINZ the other day; 7 weeks with no income was becoming a little too stressful for me! What a blessing - my Case Manager ended up being a guy I went to school with! He is awesome, and I am SO super grateful for his willingness to listen and encourage! We have got some temporary help now, and can start down the track of setting up our own life here.

Silver Lining OVER!

Over the weekend we did our homework - we collected the list of rentals from the TWO Real Estate Agents within the town, and set about culling houses... going for a drive by those we were interested in, checking them out by night and by day (well, not so much checking out the houses by night, rather checking out the neighbourhoods)! By Saturday night I was in tears of frustration, the general standard of rentals in this town is hideous - run-down, dirty and quite often somewhere I wouldn't even leave my cat, let alone my children! Anyway, somewhere along the way we did find two that we both agreed on as possibilities - however, we have had to up the amount of rent we are willing to pay (there is always a catch, huh)!

So this morning we trundled down to the Agents - both houses are still available, we have got an amazing reference from our previous landlord and we have now got a regular income (but oh my gosh - it was HARD admitting to anyone that it was a benefit only; my pride has taken a bit of a battering today)! BUT the rigmarole we had to go through before we can even view these freaken houses...

THREE to FOUR pages of information, police checks, ID checks... and we HAVEN'T EVEN VIEWED THE HOUSES YET! Now I totally understand going through this process, ONCE you have viewed the house and have made a decision to rent it - but we don't even know if we actually want either of these places yet, AS WE HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN THEM! Seriously, by the time they have made an effort to go through our applications and followed up on all the referees they asked for (one Agency asked for FIVE character references for each of us - not that they got five, we offered two each; and the other one asked for your Facebook Profile, again I did not disclose this information), the houses will have most likely have gone to someone else, and we'll have to start again *sigh*! I know they haven't bothered to follow up yet, because our local 'landlord' (my parents) have not been contacted! I have never had to deal with so much c*** just to LOOK at a house. 

I had thought this would be the easy, and maybe even 'fun' bit - looking through houses and making a decision where we should live! We are the type of tenants you want; we always pay our rent, we're not party-people, our children are well behaved (most of the time) and we're tidy! We have never had a problem getting rentals before... but I guess, in a small town like this, as soon as you see the word 'benefit' the alarm bells start ringing. Neither of the agencies were especially friendly, so I didn't feel like I could explain our situation to them; I am guessing assumptions and judgements abounded as they read through the information we provided. 

I guess I have been living in 'La-La Land' a bit, expecting everything to just fall into place - we know this is the right thing to do, at the right time. We're sure of it. But being sure doesn't mean there aren't going to be obstacles or roadblocks in the way... as hubby reminded me today 'Nobody Promised Us It Was Going To Be Easy'! 

Ain't that the truth!

Sorry for the CAPS; it is just a very frustrating time right now, and they're the easiest way to express it to you!


Just as well the current 'landlords' don't mind how long you stay.... :-).

At least you had somewhere to come to without all that paperwork - did we slip up somewhere??? ;-).

Love and blessings
Aynsley said…
If it is any consolation we had the same when we rented in another small town (you know the one!) a few years ago. However we were both working but we had no referees as we had always owned our own house and even worse we had a DOG (very well trained mind you!) - no one would rent us a place even when we offered a substantial dog bond in case he caused some damage. At least you have given your current landlord/lady access to view your social media accounts (ha!)!
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