So This Is (Almost) Christmas...

So this is Christmas
And what have you done
Another year over
A new one just begun

Lyrics from: 

And that pretty much sums it up...

2014 - I will, in some ways, be pleased to see the back of you. Here is hoping 2015 treats us a little kinder, and moves us that little bit closer to our goals and our dreams.

However, there are a few things I will be sad to see go:
* My baby girl will start school in 2015!
* My little man will start kindy, be out of nappies completely, and move into a 'big boys bed'... no little baby left at all!
* I lose the role of 'stay-at-home-Mum', and have to suddenly morph into 'the main income earner'!

Yes, 2014 wasn't all humps and bumps along the road, and 2015 see's some major family-changes taking place.

We have celebrated hubby's birthday; in small town style!
A family walk (see above), and a cake (below).
It's about all he would have got in Auckland also!

There have been interviews, and rejections, and no-communication, and frustrations, and houses, and swallowing of pride, and Christmas shopping.

But no Christmas spirit this year - the focus has been on finding a house and applying for jobs.

We're getting there, we - theoretically, should be in our 'own' place by Christmas; and I am still waiting on two jobs... both of which were supposed to have got back to me by now; not sure if the slowness is a good sign or a bad sign, or just a sign of a busy Christmas season!

But through it all, there have been these two precious people that remind us of why we made these life-changers, and what we're heading for. Their smiles, their hugs and their unwavering love are what continues to keep us marching forward!

And why my photos are such bad quality when uploaded is anyone's guess...


May 2015 be a gentle year; 
one that gives grace and breathing space!


It's been quite a year - I agree!! Love your closing sentiment, and I pray that it applies to all of us!!
Love and blessings
Miriam said…
Merry Christmas - I hope you get good answers soon x
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