Things Are A-Happening...

This is a short and sweet post as it is almost 10pm; and we just can't seem to get a good night sleep yet (our day started at 5:30am this morning, and that was a GOOD night!), so we'll be heading off to bed soon!

But before we do, I just wanted to pop in and give you our latest news... it's ALL good, although not quite as good as I would like JUST yet, but it's coming together!

We have a house,
We have a house,
We have a house,
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

So hopefully we will get in before Christmas - but the current tenant is only moving out next weekend, so it depends on a few different things going to plan, and it all coming together nicely for this to happen! But we are praying for, and hanging out for, Tuesday 23rd being MOVING DAY; as are Mum and Dad I might add!

Once we're in, I will share some photos!


I have TWO job interviews this week!

Yes, TWO interviews, and I am waiting to hear back about a third job this week (and hoping I can get, at least, an interview for this one also)!

So I am hoping by Christmas we will be in our new house, and I will have a job ready and waiting for the New Year; what a Christmas it will be!

On top of that we have chosen a church to attend, and today was our first 'official' morning in attendance! We had been twice before, along with attending a couple of other churches before making the decision! The children went happily off to Sunday School, and we got to sit together during the service for the first time in months - it was lovely! Then tonight they put on a 'Community Dinner', which we chose to pop along too; such a good meal, so yummy! Hubby has already clicked with one of the guys there his age, and I got to spend the evening with his wife; suffice to say we are invited over this week for an afternoon.

Right now I am starting to relax, and I can seriously see God's hand in the timing of things... it has been a long couple of months, but a good couple of months. Once we are in our new home, and I have been working for 2-3 months - I can so totally see us putting roots down and finally breathing, and 'just being' for a while; it's a good feeling seeing the light at the end of this tunnel!


Ahh you should have been relaxed the whole way through - God is never late!!
I can surely understand your excitement though :-)
Love and blessings
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