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Join Me For 2016!

2016 is going to be EPIC!   
How do you see 2016 panning out? 

We are going to be buying our first ever home,  and I simply can't wait!  We're also going to be debt-free for the first time in a long time;  & we're going to be organised, this is the key of course!
My word for 2016 is: ORGANISE! I bet you worked that one out already, I haven't really got into the whole 'Word For The Year' thing before; but better late than never I say, and I have to admit that I have always been a bit behind the eight ball when it comes to trends though,  so it's no surprise really!Wondering what I am going to achieve,  and how?  I am not 100% sure myself,  I have just started brain-storming... what I do know,  is that I have to stay ahead of the game,  and I have to start now (not on Friday)! 
Two big things that I know for sure I have to organise is: - Family Finances - Family Calendar
Tomorrow hubby is taking the kids out for a few hours,  & I am going to put together a b…

Christmas Crescendo...

And you thought it was all over...
But seriously, what I am sharing this time will be considered, in my family - the Christmas Crescendo! My children love Ginger Biscuits (especially when I take the time to make them into Gingerbread Men of course), it is their favourite and what they ask for if given the choice! I made a batch last week, for this recipe a batch consists of about 35-40 biscuits, depending on the size I roll them out. I was expecting them to last the week, I made them Sunday and they were finished by Thursday - I am not exaggerating! I have had two out of three sister-in-laws ask for the recipe, as their children (and they themselves) also love my ginger biscuits; and I have had no end of compliments when taking them out. I would blow my own whistle, but I don't have too - they're that good!!!!!
I am not here to discuss my ginger biscuits however, but I just wanted to explain why the recipe below would be considered the Christmas Crescendo in my house...
Imagine …

Christmas Decadence at it's Best...

I am here again today to tempt you with some more amazingness! If you didn't quite get enough with the Orange Chocolate Truffles last time, then this will seriously tip you over the edge... this looks seriously decadent, seriously delicious, and mouth-wateringly desirable!
Rocky Road Marshmallow
It is also gluten-free, dairy-free and refined-sugar free; which may have you asking what on earth could be in it. Let's just say, you may not be able to eat more than one piece due to how rich and scrummy it is - but you CAN eat more than one piece without feeling any of the guilt you normally get when consuming this type of stuff, and without getting the sugar-overload you would normally get.
To be honest - I am not sure if I'll be making these for Christmas, as I don't think they'd last long enough... call me selfish, but I think I will be saving this recipe for a special occasion 'just for us' at home!

Once more; here is the link you can use to purchas…

Christmas With A Difference...

This year we're going to be doing 'Christmas With A Difference...'! And I have a little secret to help me; which I am excited to share with you, as it may just be something you need as well!
This year we are hosting Christmas - so we have my family here, and we also have my in-laws, and possibly another two couples from church; who may not have anyone locally to celebrate with (final details have not yet been ironed out)! So I am quite excited, but wondering if maybe I have bitten off more than I can chew with working two jobs as well, eeeeek!
I think the thing I am most excited about is the fact that I can show off to people that eating gluten-free, dairy-free and often times fructose-free; is totally doable, and can be very yummy as well! I am also excited, because it means my children and my husband will have a 'safe' Christmas, and can eat pretty much everything provided... Last year wasn't so good, with both my husband and my son becoming quite ill after Chr…

One Year Toko-Versary...

Can you believe it,  we have been living the small town dream now for just on 12 months!  This year has flown by, and yet in many ways it feels like we have been here forever!  It has been a momentous year for our family - so much change happening, and so much growing up has taken place! 

From this:

To this:

We arrived down here with two preschoolers,  one still in nappies & sleeping in his cot (ok, so maybe he was still technically a toddler), & still waking up 2-3x a night.  Now we have a school girl who is reading WAY above her level,  & a kindy boy out of nappies (day AND night), sleeps in a big boy bed, & 85% of the time sleeps all the way through the night. 

We have gone from a traditional family where Dad worked full time & was gone long hours every day, and I was the stay at home Mum; two both being at home full time for six months,  to me being the main income earner - working two jobs and gone long hours. 

We have gone from a huge 4 bedroom / 2 bathroom,  ope…

Allergy Update

I thought I would give you an update on how we are doing allergy-wise. It has been an interesting few days here as we work through yet another hump in the road, but I am sure things will work themselves out; just like they normally do! 
BUTTON: She is off dairy only,  we had been quite strict on her for the first half of the year; but started to get a bit lax lately - allowing baked goods from the supermarket, and letting others give her stuff without checking it first.  But we got a fright the other week, she had some normal chocolate given to her - we allow dairy-free dark chocolate only at home, but we let it slide this time.  Well not only did she have her normal rash reaction over her face, but she started freaking out about her mouth and throat being itchy. Oh my gosh - I haven't been so scared in my life, we gave her some water and watched her like hawks for the next few hours... thankfully nothing else happened. However this has since happened a second time, and it was just …

Kinda Healthy Cookies...

I am, one day, going to manage that 'one post a week' I keep promising myself... but right now, if I manage I am thrilled; but if I don't - never mind, the world doesn't come crashing around me, nor anyone else!
I just wanted to pop in and share a recipe with you - I came up with these cookies a couple of weeks ago, and not only do my kids like them (YUS), but I also shared them with some workmates - and three of the ladies asked for the recipe! So I figure this must be a winner, and thought I would share it with you also!

Kinda Healthy Cookies
2c wholemeal flour 1c crushed cornflakes 1c rolled oats 1c chocolate chippies  1c raisins (or dried fruit of your choice) 2 tsp cinnamon 2 tsp baking powder
150g melted butter 120ml olive oil (or just add more butter) 2 tsp vanilla ess 1/2c brown sugar
Melt all the liquids and brown sugar together.
Place all dry ingredients into a big bowl, and mix together well (sift what you can if you'd prefer).
Pour wet mixture into dry, mix well togeth…

I'm Back With More Food (for thought)!

Although don't get me wrong - it's not deep stuff on a Monday night... in fact, it is more about the 'real' food (as in the tangible stuff we eat), than thought-provoking words. 
I have been regularly back into menu-planning again, but haven't bothered to post them here. I was rather blogged-out and was wondering if I was going to even keep this little space alive. But I am getting inspired again now, so at least at the moment things will remain as they are... although I do need to desperately spend some time on the blog and update it! Eeeek; the little baby on the top of my header is now almost 3.5 years old, and my 'big' girl is at school! WAY past time for an update. I am also in two minds about where I want to take it - might need a whole fresh start! Thoughts swirling around and around in my head at the moment... whatever decision I make, everything requires time and commitment, neither of which I have much left of now I am working full-time.
But whateve…

This Weeks Menu (starting: 1/6/15)

I just discovered yesterday, when I went searching for one of our family favourites, that a wonderful foodie website has vanished into thin air! I am gutted, it was one that had been set up full of good intentions - but hadn't been updated for quite a while, even when I first 'discovered' it; and I had a gut feeling I should get a copy of my favourite recipes off of it. But I didn't - grrrrrrr, always listen to that 'little inkling', that 'gut feeling' or that 'still small voice' (whatever it is that you call it)! Thankfully, the one recipe that I REALLY wanted, was found (with a link back to them) on another website after much time searching; so this time I have written it down as well! Hopefully I will have learnt my lesson... so with that in mind, here is this weeks menu!
Monday 1st June: Sausages, fried egg and fresh veggies (it was a holiday weekend here in New Zealand, and hubby and I managed to get away for our first child-free weekend sin…
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