My name is Elizabeth; and I am addicted to junk food, in particular, anything with sugar in it.

I had this sneaking suspicion this was the case, but as we limit the amount of refined sugar in our home for the kids, I hadn't really come clean with myself...

But we have just had the silly season, and boy; did I go silly. Turns out one bite is never enough:

I NEED more, and more:

If it is in front of me, I literally HAVE to eat it; and heaven help you if you attempt to stop me before I am ready:

Please note - none of these images are of me!

I have gained 2kg since moving down, and 1 kilo has just been since moving into our own place, and negotiating the Christmas / New Year period.

Two kilo's does not sound like much, and in the big scheme of things - it really isn't; but if you let 2kg's slide, it will turn into 5kg's, and then 10kg's... and you get the picture.

We are slowly balancing things out here in the house, and if it isn't in the house - I don't tend to 'need' it the same, and I am okay not buying junk in our weekly shopping as well. The Monster only shows up when something is right there in my face... I guess that is a bonus.

These past few weeks have been hideous - we have moved into our own place, we have negotiated the holiday season, we are battling sleep-deprivation due to children and hay fever, we have had visitor after visitor, and in-between we have been unpacking and sorting and resorting, and basically we haven't stopped...

We are exhausted; right down to our very cores. The children are exhausted, and the heat has been horrendous as well (and not helping the situation).

Hence why you haven't heard from me, I just couldn't blog. I literally couldn't do anything come the evening - I would lie down, and just stare at the TV, or the tablet; but nothing computed. I would have been the same again tonight, except I managed a morning sleep today.

But as I started formulating this post in my head, wondering if I would ever get the energy to blog again - some little light switches started going off...

I can't blame the exhaustion totally on external factors, sure - we HAVE been busy, and anyone would be tired in my shoes. BUT, doesn't diet play a big part in how you do or do not cope in situations of high stress like this? Did we not cope MUCH better after the big move down here two months ago?

So as my tired mind started to slowly function again (seriously, the last time I remember fatigue this bad was when I was pregnant with the kids); it dawned on me that I have responded so badly this time due to the fact I have been poisoning myself, and I need to take control of this before it controls me.

So, the conclusion is that 2015 is going to be MY year:

- To start looking after myself better through exercise and eating; including cooking more food that I want to eat, and not just what the others need and want.
- To start learning to relax more, and do more for me; have more down-time.
- To let go of some things, and start new things.
- To start dreaming big about what I want to do in the future; everything has been about hubby's goals and dreams these past few years (which is fine, and necessary - don't get me wrong), but it is time I started to really knuckle down and make a decision about exactly what I want to achieve and how I am going to get there. 

This year is going to be one of HUGE changes for our family, but I will be bearing the brunt of these personally - so if I don't start looking after myself, my family will pay the price. So as much as all the above is about me; it is also for them in many ways as well. It will mean I will be a much happier, healthier and more balanced wife, mum and person (and much easier to have around).

So there you have it - some sort of new years resolutions I guess, I wasn't going to do those this year; however I couldn't really help myself in the end!

What are your quiet dreams for 2015? 


Jen said…
Well done for being honest with yourself and for writing your goals down - you are that much closer to achieving the life you want :)
Hmmm - you inspired me to 'toss' some junk food this morning... and now to get my 2kg off!
Take care and institute the changes slowly and carefully - they are more likely to 'stick'.
Love and blessings
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