Morning Routines...

Life these days is a whole lot slower than it has ever been before... as of next week, once Button returns to Kindy; it will hit full force again. But these past few weeks have been exactly what the Doctor ordered, after a rather busy and very stressful 2-3 months. We are still suffering from sleep deprivation, but we just sleep during the day as we need too - loving it!

So, we have managed to get into a kind of rhythm in the mornings though... and it has been working well to set our day up in the right way.

'lil M gets up anywhere between 4:30am and 6am (yes, you read that right, but generally it is between 5:30am and 6am), we are slowly training him to go back to his bed until after 6am, even if he and us get no further sleep. He then comes into bed with us, after 6am, and will watch some cartoons on YouTube until Button wakes up... once she wakes up she'll stop in with us and snuggle for a little while, before we head out into the kitchen.

Then it is all about feeding hungry mouths... followed by dressing them, putting sunscreen on them, brushing teeth and doing dishes.

Once we are all 'socially acceptable', we head out for a family walk... most of the time we stay local, and are generally gone anywhere from 25 to 45 minutes. Now and then, like today - we jump in the car and head over to a different part of town, and have a wonder around there!

We generally get home between 9-9:30am, at which time we sit the kids down and read two stories from one of Button's bibles (she owns three already, in fact I think there are four bibles now that belong to her), and ask her a few questions to make sure she understood what we were reading.

After this it is morning tea for the kidlets, and a coffee and our own bible reading for us...

And then the day begins in earnest with housework, or trips out for groceries, computer work for hubby, visits etc. There are days when this does not work at all - such as our trip to the Hamilton Zoo on Tuesday; we are flexible! But most mornings start in this slower manner these days, and I am loving it!

It is but a season, and things will change again soon - so I am holding onto these slower starts for as long as I can!

How has your summer been? Have you been able to instil and enjoy a slower pace of life?


Ahhhh - retirement is perfect for slow starts most of the time :-)
Love and blessings
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