PS - Have I told you...

* I was going to do a 'proper' blog post tonight; but my silly computer decided to freeze up (probably because it got such a fright when I started it up); and there went thirty minutes as I tried sorting it all out *sigh*!

Silly Selfies

* I am SO busy, I don't even know how I will ever fit in a full-time job... nor how I did it 'alone' 10 hours a day, 5 days a week in our previous life!

Picnic by the lake.

* I have another job interview this Thursday...

* Looks like I may have to go back to my teaching roots after all; ah well, would be good to make use of that degree at some stage!

Bush walk...

* I am doing an 8 week course on Nutrition, online... very basic, a bit scary for me; but none-the-less it is good to try and revitilise that gray matter, and do something outside my comfort zone again!

* On that note - I might be even quieter on here for the next 5-6 weeks as I complete this! I have just started week 3 tonight, so still in the early stages!

Feeding the ducks...

* While I am not actually complaining that summer has finally arrived; lets just say that I got MORE accomplished today than I have for the past fortnight. Today the temp was under 28oC, rather than over 30oC like it has been for over two weeks!

More ducks, more lake, more feeding, more cuteness!

* I have got idea's for blog posts coming out my ears, I still think in blog posts; but as usual, time just isn't in my favour! I am hoping going back to full-time work might help me to learn to be more organised, but I am not holding my breath!

* I have got at least two more recipes to share with you; but probably MORE in reality, it is just that all I can remember is two this late at night!

We had a lot of silverbeet, hubby told me I should make silverbeet fritters - I laughed!
It turns out my sis-in-law has a recipe for silverbeet fritter; so I made them & he loved them!

* 'lil M, my baby, officially starts Kindy next week... *sigh*!

* My big girl, Button, starts school in three months - eeeeek, where has the time gone!?!

More bush walking...

* We are LOVING it down here, and we love our house... I am planning on doing a blog photo-tour of our house, one day! I have taken some video, but still not taken any photos - shame on me, that is SO unusual!

Now, THIS is how you eat chocolate!

* I want to also write a blog post on why we're loving it down here so much now, and what good it has done all of us... seriously; so much good! But not necessarily in the ways you'd be expecting (nor was I expecting)!

Another selfie - if I don't take 'em, don't nobody take 'em!!!!

* I am trying SO very hard to come up with some more points... but am failing miserably; think it is time to hit the sack, and call it a blog post!

Last selfie - promise!


Oh, did I not warn you that work expands into the time you have (and then some)???
Enjoy the moments you have and treasure them - they will not last as the only things guaranteed in this life are change, taxes and death.
Blessings and love
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