Cheap As You Chose (Homemade) Gluten-Free Cereal!

Cheap-As-You-Chose Gluten-Free Cereal!

I promised you our Cereal recipe, and I have finally set aside some time to share it with you... despite the fact it is after 10pm already (seriously, I don't know where this evening has gone), it IS going to happen!

Have you heard of, used, bought or know of Rice Flakes? These are the little life savers in this cereal... they are as cheap as anything (e.g. we just bought a whole kilogram for little more than $5), and fairly easy to source. We get ours from Bin Inn, but I have seen them in the Supermarkets in Auckland (although not down here sadly), and most Indian Spice Stores also stock them.

Lots of people already use them for a type of breakfast, but they boil them in water or milk, and turn them into a mush-like consistency (much like wet weetbix or porridge). However, we didn't want that... so have been playing around with them a bit; and here is what we have come up with; feel free to play around with this yourself, and come up with something that suits you and your family.

Dry fry your rice flakes - use as many as you want to, we started off fairly small, as we didn't know whether or not it would work, and if we'd even like it. So in a frying pan, on low heat, add your rice flakes - no oil, and keep a fairly close eye on them; they can burn quite easily if left unattended. We also throw in pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds at this stage... be creative and use your imagination! Sesame and poppy seeds, linseeds / flaxseeds; pretty much anything seed-like, or nuts, would work I imagine.

Once your rice flakes are nice and golden, take them off the heat and then go crazy to your hearts content. We add cinnamon, ground linseed, raisins, gluten-free cornflakes and keep it fairly simple. This is mainly for my husbands sake - he is gluten and dairy free, and he also can't stomach much dried fruit, raisins are about his limit. It also helps keep the cost low, which was the whole point of this exercise for us.

But there is so much potential, and so much more you can add - sliced nuts, chia seeds, quinoa flakes, millet puffs, dried fruit to your hearts content, other spices (nutmeg etc)!

Seriously - it is like a match made in heaven; the kids eat it, I enjoy it and hubby often has it for lunch as well, if we're running low on gluten-free bread! Throw your favourite milk or yoghurt in, add some fresh fruit on top - and eat away, knowing it is not only good on your wallet, but good in your tummy!

Be warned, the rice flakes still turn to mush fairly quickly - but then so do most other cereals!

Please let me know if you try this, and how you like it - might give us some inspiration for trying out new flavours with it! Would love your feedback...


Sounds yummy - might just have to come and try it one day when we are all over our bugs :-(.
Love and blessings
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