I Know... I Know

I am slack!

Blogging and me just haven't been buddies for a while - both writing and reading; I'm just not into it at the moment!

But I have, once again, given up Facebook - you can read about the first time I quit Facebook here, however when we moved south Hubby suggested I reactivated my account. Which I happily did... but it was once again taking over my life, and has now been re-deactivated, for good this time!

Maybe - this will leave a little more room for blogging? It has certainly freed up my day considerably, and has also meant I have naturally minimised my time on Instagram as well! Weird, but true!

I promised all my Facebook friends 'more blogging', so I thought I'd better prove myself, and show up with at least a small post this month.

So here it is, and there go I... it is after 10pm, and I need to head to bed; the kids have been waking up by 5:30am and I am over it and fairly over-tired as well!

Maybe I will see you all again shortly...


Nice to see you back here :-)
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