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Update From Down Under!

Below is a quick update I wrote about Easter time,  & sent off to some elderly friends / family with birthday party invitations (Button turned 5 for those unaware). I thought some of you might also be interested in reading it; and after the Easter update,  I will continue on & update you with our latest news as well. ****************** We have been down here for nearly 6 months now,  and have had our own place for over 3 months.  We started off with Mum & Dad, but managed to find a house that suits us, & is within our budget by Christmas - it was a wonderful gift :-)! Unfortunately 'own' place does mean renting still, but we're closer to buying down here than we would ever be if we stayed up in Auckland.   Despite not having a job yet, which is frustrating when it comes to the budget, we are enjoying the lifestyle here. It was a lovely & relaxing, family focused summer; with lots of walks around the town, playing with the neighbour's

Organisation 101

So - the inevitable has happened, and I have gone and found myself a full-time job! So many pro's, so many good things, and so much to be thankful for. But one of the side-effects of this new job, is the ability I have (not) got of being organised! Eeeek, it all happened SUPER-quick; and has tested our reserves - but we were ready, and have (kind of) conquered this mountain, or at least we're in the process of it! One of my saving graces has been this board - I bought it a few years ago in Auckland, from The Warehouse Stationary, and knew it would come in handy... one day! I sit down and menu-plan one night per week; generally over the weekend, and then transfer that up on here. I also then write up my schedule for the week, and add reminders for hubby to follow up with that week on the other side (such as - wash towels on Tuesday and Thursday, change and wash sheets on Wednesday etc)! Hubby has turned into Superman, and has taken on all the housework, and the co
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