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So - the inevitable has happened, and I have gone and found myself a full-time job! So many pro's, so many good things, and so much to be thankful for. But one of the side-effects of this new job, is the ability I have (not) got of being organised! Eeeek, it all happened SUPER-quick; and has tested our reserves - but we were ready, and have (kind of) conquered this mountain, or at least we're in the process of it!

One of my saving graces has been this board - I bought it a few years ago in Auckland, from The Warehouse Stationary, and knew it would come in handy... one day! I sit down and menu-plan one night per week; generally over the weekend, and then transfer that up on here. I also then write up my schedule for the week, and add reminders for hubby to follow up with that week on the other side (such as - wash towels on Tuesday and Thursday, change and wash sheets on Wednesday etc)!

Hubby has turned into Superman, and has taken on all the housework, and the cooking - I menu plan, and I write up the grocery list for the coming week; and then he implements it! Recipes are listed with where to find them, or quick and easy instructions, in a red exercise book, and kept up in the kitchen within easy eye-sight of the oven! And then he is let loose in the kitchen, he has always claimed he could cook - but I had seen very little proof of this; until now! I need to take some photos of his skills, as he has managed to improve on some of my fundamental recipes already, and it is only the beginning of week 2! I think I might have some competition on who 'owns' the kitchen very soon; not really what I was expecting!!!!

One thing that has helped me focus and complete my menu planning, is to have a basic set up to follow - I have always found menu planning difficult, and it is because I am VERY easily distracted! I start searching, and then come across all these amazing sites with recipes that tickle my tastebuds, and BANG - there goes two hours, and I have achieved nothing!

So; this is how I am currently instituting my menu-planning, and am able to stay on track, and focus:

Monday - Meatfree-Monday
Tuesday - Chicken on Tuesday
Wednesday - Red Meat Wednesday
Thursday - *Low Fodmap Thursday
Friday - Family Favourite Friday
Saturday - Saturday Stew / Soup
Sunday - Sunday Salad

*Low Fodmap Thursday basically just means looking for specific low fodmap diet recipes either in the two recipe books I just bought by Sue Shepherd, or on-line! It is starting to look like hubby might have some more serious issues concerning food allergies; so we're trying to look at our diet again and rethink what we're eating for his sake. I am also having to adjust most other recipes I cook to make them 'fit' better for him, but currently we're not going 'hard-out' Low Fodmap; just easing our way in to see if it helps him.

So this gives me a basic guideline on where to start, I then also look at what meat we have in the freezer (for example - mince, stirfry, hock, silverside etc), and plan my meals around these first, before filling out the rest and adding the necessary cuts to the shopping list.

So for example - this week the menu looks like this:

Monday - Carrot and Lentil Patties, Sauteed Red Cabbage and Fresh Green Veggies.

Tuesday - Nadia Lim's Apricot Chicken on Rice (without the actual apricots, as we have none in the pantry, and grocery day is Wednesday)!

Wednesday - Spaghetti Bolognase

Thursday - Stirfry on Basmati Rice (with a honey, soy and ginger dressing)

Friday - **Hot chips with bacon and eggs.

Saturday - **Sausages and Baked Beans on Toast

Sunday - Tuna, Pasta and Veggie Salad

** In my defence, we are heading away for our very FIRST weekend without the kids, and my parents are looking after them (together with a couple of other family / friends), so I had to plan a meal that not only would the kids eat quickly and happily, but that my parents would also enjoy! They have the option of homemade soup and toast on Saturday night though as well, in case sausages and baked beans don't thrill them as much as it does our kids!

I am contemplating reinstating 'Menu-Planning Monday' back into my blogging, as nothing else has been happening here for a while. On my organisation board - you may have noticed that Monday night is set aside for blogging, in the hopes of re-sparking my desire to write in here; I have missed sharing SO many big occasions with you all. In these past two months alone we have had:

- Button break her leg
- 'lil M turn 3
- Button turn 5, and start school
- Button's 5th birthday party, combined with my 40th
- Me being offered a full-time position (finally) and accepting it
- My big brother and his wife come over for the weekend from Australia, for the first time in 5 years.

And this is just our little family, that list doesn't even include any milestones we have been a part of with extended family and/or friends, nor our church family! It has been a VERY busy few months here (I don't know how I would have fitted in full-time work over that time), and I regret having not blogged about it all; but no point in looking backwards! I do have piles of photos to prove these events happened though... so will share a couple of them:

My big brother and sister-in-law with 'lil M, Button and Munchkin (nephew).

Me with my two sister-in-laws!

Me in my sexy new work uniform!!!!
Just got out of having to hide in black, and here I am now having to wear charcoal on black on black every single day to work... 
I want colour people, I don't like feeling like I am going to a funeral every time I walk out of the house; never mind, it could be worse!!!!!!

And just to finish it off; 
here are my two little cuties, and my superman!

And now I need to sign off, as I have to organise my lunch for tomorrow and everything else that goes with being a 'working woman'!!!!


Looking forward to seeing more blog posts :-) - love your family photos, and hang on in there with the organisation :-)
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