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This Weeks Menu (starting: 1/6/15)

I just discovered yesterday, when I went searching for one of our family favourites, that a wonderful foodie website has vanished into thin air! I am gutted, it was one that had been set up full of good intentions - but hadn't been updated for quite a while, even when I first 'discovered' it; and I had a gut feeling I should get a copy of my favourite recipes off of it. But I didn't - grrrrrrr, always listen to that 'little inkling', that 'gut feeling' or that 'still small voice' (whatever it is that you call it)! Thankfully, the one recipe that I REALLY wanted, was found (with a link back to them) on another website after much time searching; so this time I have written it down as well! Hopefully I will have learnt my lesson... so with that in mind, here is this weeks menu! Monday 1st June:  Sausages, fried egg and fresh veggies (it was a holiday weekend here in New Zealand, and hubby and I managed to get away for our first child-free weeke
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