This Weeks Menu (starting: 1/6/15)

I just discovered yesterday, when I went searching for one of our family favourites, that a wonderful foodie website has vanished into thin air! I am gutted, it was one that had been set up full of good intentions - but hadn't been updated for quite a while, even when I first 'discovered' it; and I had a gut feeling I should get a copy of my favourite recipes off of it. But I didn't - grrrrrrr, always listen to that 'little inkling', that 'gut feeling' or that 'still small voice' (whatever it is that you call it)! Thankfully, the one recipe that I REALLY wanted, was found (with a link back to them) on another website after much time searching; so this time I have written it down as well! Hopefully I will have learnt my lesson... so with that in mind, here is this weeks menu!

Monday 1st June: Sausages, fried egg and fresh veggies (it was a holiday weekend here in New Zealand, and hubby and I managed to get away for our first child-free weekend since Button was born; so Monday was always going to be a catch-up day, followed by a 'quick and easy' dinner).

Tuesday 2nd June: Tomato Glazed Meatloaf, together with a side of Sauteed Red Cabbage and little roasted potatoes!

Wednesday 3rd June: Lentil and Potato Curry (although in saying that, we'll have to leave out the actual curry as hubby can't stomach it anymore - despite loving hot foods; however there appears to be enough other flavours that it should be okay. This is the only new recipe for the week, all the rest are tried and true ones)!

Friday 5th June: Mince & Egg Frittata, we don't follow this recipe religiously; we have come up with our own variation on it (which varies every time we make it *grin*), but it is a hit every time and always gets eaten! They only use Zucchini in this recipe, whereas I use as many veggies as we have available!

Saturday 6th June: Chicken and Vegetable Soup, this recipe calls for quinoa to be added; and while we have some - we don't have a lot, as hubby loves it for 'porridge'. So I will be going back to the traditional rice instead; just like Ness' Mum used to make! But one day, when our food budget is larger and we can have quinoa on hand for whatever purpose I want, I will try it her way... it does look and sound divine!

Sunday 7th June: Good old Devilled Sausages, the original recipe came from a site called 'Broke and Starving', but it has since died; so seriously sad! However, I found another almost duplicate copy of the recipe here. Now this is not the original, and that is stated - but it is the closest I can find, I think the main difference is that there were also 2 teaspoons of mustard added into the original recipe (not mustard powder, rather dijon, or we use seeded). I also don't bother adding the cornflour, and I water it down a little bit more; as it is a VERY strong sauce if followed as is (which is fine when you don't have little people to cater for, or big people with sensitive stomachs)!

While I know it is not Monday today, I spent Monday evening sorting this out... so I am blogging it today instead! Isn't it amazing what 'busyness' does, it seems to find extra hours in the day for doing the little things you 'didn't have time for' previously, like regular menu planning and blogging! Not sure how I filled in my time before, but now it is being used far more effectively :-)!

Hope this finds you all well, and healthy! Currently we're surviving in the 'healthy' department - the kids have small colds and coughs, but us adults are keeping our heads above water!


Well done in finding time for things that you let slip when you had plenty of time :-)
Blessings and love
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