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Allergy Update

I thought I would give you an update on how we are doing allergy-wise. It has been an interesting few days here as we work through yet another hump in the road, but I am sure things will work themselves out; just like they normally do!  BUTTON: She is off dairy only,  we had been quite strict on her for the first half of the year; but started to get a bit lax lately - allowing baked goods from the supermarket, and letting others give her stuff without checking it first.  But we got a fright the other week, she had some normal chocolate given to her - we allow dairy-free dark chocolate only at home, but we let it slide this time.  Well not only did she have her normal rash reaction over her face,  but she started freaking out about her mouth and throat being itchy. Oh my gosh - I haven't been so scared in my life, we gave her some water and watched her like hawks for the next few hours... thankfully nothing else happened. However this has since happened a second time, and  it

Kinda Healthy Cookies...

I am, one day, going to manage that 'one post a week' I keep promising myself... but right now, if I manage I am thrilled; but if I don't - never mind, the world doesn't come crashing around me, nor anyone else! I just wanted to pop in and share a recipe with you - I came up with these cookies a couple of weeks ago, and not only do my kids like them (YUS), but I also shared them with some workmates - and three of the ladies asked for the recipe! So I figure this must be a winner, and thought I would share it with you also! Kinda Healthy Cookies 2c wholemeal flour 1c crushed cornflakes 1c rolled oats 1c chocolate chippies  1c raisins (or dried fruit of your choice) 2 tsp cinnamon 2 tsp baking powder 150g melted butter 120ml olive oil (or just add more butter) 2 tsp vanilla ess 1/2c brown sugar Melt all the liquids and brown sugar together. Place all dry ingredients into a big bowl, and mix together well (sift what you can
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