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Join Me For 2016!

2016 is going to be EPIC!    How do you see 2016 panning out?  We are going to be buying our first ever home,  and I simply can't wait!  We're also going to be debt-free for the first time in a long time;  & we're going to be organised, this is the key of course! My word for 2016 is: ORGANISE ! I bet you worked that one out already, I haven't really got into the whole 'Word For The Year' thing before; but better late than never I say, and I have to admit that I have always been a bit behind the eight ball when it comes to trends though,  so it's no surprise really! Wondering what I am going to achieve,  and how?  I am not 100% sure myself,  I have just started brain-storming... what I do know,  is that I have to stay ahead of the game,  and I have to start now (not on Friday)!  Two big things that I know for sure I have to organise is: - Family Finances - Family Calendar Tomorrow hubby is taking the kids out for a few hours,  &

Christmas Crescendo...

And you thought it was all over... But seriously, what I am sharing this time will be considered, in my family - the Christmas Crescendo! My children love Ginger Biscuits (especially when I take the time to make them into Gingerbread Men of course), it is their favourite and what they ask for if given the choice! I made a batch last week, for this recipe a batch consists of about 35-40 biscuits, depending on the size I roll them out. I was expecting them to last the week, I made them Sunday and they were finished by Thursday - I am not exaggerating! I have had two out of three sister-in-laws ask for the recipe, as their children (and they themselves) also love my ginger biscuits; and I have had no end of compliments when taking them out. I would blow my own whistle, but I don't have too - they're that good!!!!! I am not here to discuss my ginger biscuits however, but I just wanted to explain why the recipe below would be considered the Christmas Crescendo in my house.

Christmas Decadence at it's Best...

I am here again today to tempt you with some more  amazingness! If you didn't quite get enough with the Orange Chocolate Truffles  last time, then this will seriously tip you over the edge... this looks seriously decadent, seriously delicious, and mouth-wateringly desirable! Rocky Road Marshmallow It is also gluten-free, dairy-free and refined-sugar free; which may have you asking what on earth could be in it. Let's just say, you may not be able to eat more than one piece due to how rich and scrummy it is - but you CAN eat more than one piece without feeling any of the guilt you normally get when consuming this type of stuff, and without getting the sugar-overload you would normally get. To be honest - I am not sure if I'll be making these for Christmas, as I don't think they'd last long enough... call me selfish, but I think I will be saving this recipe for a special occasion 'just for us' at home! Once more; here is t

Christmas With A Difference...

This year we're going to be doing 'Christmas With A Difference...'! And I have a little secret to help me; which I am excited to share with you, as it may just be something you need as well! This year we are hosting Christmas - so we have my family here, and we also have my in-laws, and possibly another two couples from church; who may not have anyone locally to celebrate with (final details have not yet been ironed out)! So I am quite excited, but wondering if maybe I have bitten off more than I can chew with working two jobs as well, eeeeek ! I think the thing I am most excited about is the fact that I can show off to people that eating gluten-free, dairy-free and often times fructose-free; is totally doable, and can be very yummy as well! I am also excited, because it means my children and my husband will have a 'safe' Christmas, and can eat pretty much everything provided... Last year wasn't so good, with both my husband and my son becoming quite il
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