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Would The Real Me Please Stand Up!

Urggghhhh - sorry for the corny title; but I just can't get it out of my head 😆! I have been doing some gentle thinking behind the busyness of life lately... This year was meant to have been 'the year of me'; a chance for me to start refocusing on me, my health, and some good habits and hobbies. The year started well - I committed to reading my bible daily, and have continued this through-out the year, and I then started a couple of exercise classes a week as well... I really enjoyed it, but timing-wise, it was difficult to get out to as it was right on dinner / bath / bedtime for the kids.  But once Dad passed away everything got too difficult, and this was one of the things I dropped. The other day I was bemoaning to hubby that our daughter doesn't naturally go and pick up a book to read - she'd rather pick up the tablet, or our phones, and watch something on YouTube. She loves reading, she is very good at reading - but it isn't a natural relaxat
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