Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64?!?

Well... maybe not feed me; as I tend to do the cooking - but need me, now that's a different story! 

I am going intersperse this post with wedding photos - just for the heck of it!

A very emotional groom waiting...

Thirteen years my love... and I still remember bits of it like it was yesterday; but we're getting so old now, that other parts are fading around the edges a bit 😂😂! Maybe it's time we dusted off the old photos and movie, and reminisced a bit tonight!

One of my all-time favourite wedding photos.

So - what have we accomplished in thirteen years;
* Two amazing little people
* A Mortgage
* A Cat
* Two Guinea Pigs

24th December 2016

Looking at it in black and white (well, purple and white), it seems so boring and dull... normal really! But there is so much more behind those statements than what you can read - 

* We have survived and beaten Hidradenitis Supporativa
* We have survived and beaten anxiety
* We have survived and beaten Postnatal Depression
* We have survived and beaten a sick baby with silent reflux
* We have left our small hometown, moved to a small city and then onto a big city - thriving there for ten years, and then moved back to our small hometown.
* We have survived on one income for the most-part; probably only ever had two incomes for two years altogether, of our thirteen.
* In the last two years we have paid off a good $10,000 debt, saved for a deposit for a house (Kiwisaver helped as well), and bought our first home - very proud of all that we have accomplished (on one small income).
* We have also survived and beaten dairy, gluten and sugar allergies (fructose malabsorbtion - if you want the proper scientific name); you can read more about that here
* We have swapped roles with me going back to work and you staying home to focus on starting your own business (and renovating the backyard 😉).
* We have survived our daughter breaking her leg as a 4 year old.
* We have survived our son having uncountable bouts of tonsillitis, as we await for surgery.
* And we have survived this winter, and losing my Dad... day by day, moment by moment sometimes.

Just me and my Dad...

We have dreamed, and planned and talked through what we want out of this life together, and as individuals... we have argued, rearranged things, changed direction and just generally 'done life' together. I have learnt to cook - a necessity as we faced one allergy blow after another; such a relief to be out the other side of that challenge. We have learnt to give a little, and not take all; like all marriages it requires compromise and consideration for each other to survive this!

Mr and Mrs...

And despite the fact you drive me insane at times - I wouldn't want to do life beside anyone else... You are my rock through the hard times, you are my support and my encouragement (hmmmm, encouragement may come by other names sometimes *grin*), you have pushed me past what I thought my boundaries were, and I have accomplished more than I had dared dream in the past. You have seen me at my worst - and are still happy to be waking up beside me every morning (😂), you know all my most interesting habits, and have eaten some of the worst dinners known to the human race!

The whole lot of us...

But in all seriousness - I love you, more than the day I walked down the aisle towards you; and I know without a doubt that you love me now, more than what you did that day. We have had our ups and downs, but that is what has made this marriage worth holding onto - we have done it together, with Christ at the centre all the way along. 

I see your hard work and your sacrifices, and everything you do for us... You work constantly, and while you have high expectations of me, it's no more than what you expect of yourself. You give everything for us - the hours and hours, day after day and night after night, on the computer; this is not for you, this is for us. Even on those nights you'd rather be watching TV like any other person; you're still working hard, and pushing through that barrier... The hours you have spent on our backyard, is for us - not for you; it is to give the kids a safe backyard they can be proud of, and happy to bring their friends home to. It is for that garden you have promised me so often; so we can grow our own food, and have healthier (and cheaper) meals on our table. It is for those summer evenings we can sit down in our own little piece of paradise and dream together, it is to be able to invite friends and family over and share a BBQ together in a fun environment, it is to give the kids somewhere of their own, it is to finally put roots down as a family. 

The kids don't know how blessed they are to have a Dad who not only is home for them whenever they need him, but who gets up at night to them when they're sick or scared... they take it for granted that Dad's can play, cook, do homework, clean up after them, cuddle them and just generally do life with them. You come up with some super cool ideas, and they have had some amazing times these past few years - I know they will look back one day and thank you for being such a HUGE part of their lives, and this will be a big part of shaping them into the people they will become.

Toasting marshmallows by the fire... another Daddy idea!

I love your heart, and the longer we are married - the more I see of your soft side! Not only are you an amazing Dad, but you have looked after my parents like they're your own; I couldn't love you more for everything you have done for them over the past 13 years. Now Dad has gone - you will be keeping a close eye on Mum, and making sure she is ok; you promised this to Dad a few days before his passing, and I know that this brought great peace to him. He knew you'd keep this promise, as you had proven yourself to them over and over again. But not just them - you have a soft heart towards the elderly, in particular those who are alone, and everywhere we have gone, you have adopted elderly folk into our family (you can read about some of these lovely folk here), and our kids will be better off for it. I love your depth and your strength - not many people know just what you have had to overcome to be where you are today, especially in regards to anxiety. Everything you have put your mind to, you have achieved; both physically and emotionally. You have worked so hard to be the best person, Dad and husband you can be; you have always put God at the centre in all things, and I am so grateful you have a soft heart towards Him.

Helping our neighbour, as well as us!

You constantly help others - forever getting phonecalls asking for your help in all area's, not just outside but in the home as well (those computer skills are a blessing and a curse at times), but you can't say no. You never say no - driving people around, fixing their computers, helping clean up their backyards and gardens; you can pretty much put your hand to anything. I am very proud of your heart towards other people, and your willingness to help out... You are forever giving things away (much to my chagrin), inviting people over for meals (which I have to cook though, I might add), and generally are very social. 

I am proud to be your wife - prouder now, than I was 13 years ago when we walked back down the aisle as Mr and Mrs for the very first time... nothing could wipe the smile from my face that day, but nothing can wipe the love from my heart today. I know I don't always show it, or say it - but I love you, appreciate you, respect you and adore you more and more each year, and may this never cease.

May the next 13 years be even better than the last... and I can't wait to do them with you 💕.

Much love,

Hey - I did a little bit of mathematics, and realised that when I am 64, we'd be celebrating our 35th Wedding Anniversary - and you'd only be a couple of months of 70. That is something to aim for; hopefully by then we'll have slowed down a bit, and enjoying a simpler life with the kids having grown up (and hopefully Grandkids to bring a bit of colour and sparkle to our lives) 😍. 


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