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Budgeting 101 - Meal Planning (how I do it)!

Good evening once more,
I can't believe it - I had my post almost fully written, was going to finish it tonight and hit publish... but it is gone; grrrrr, so frustrating! Oh well - time to just move on and rewrite; lucky for me this is a topic I love, and am very passionate about!

So tonight I am going to talk about menu planning... don't think I am a whizz at this; I am far from it! However, we do practise this regularly, but for me it is a sanity-saving issue, not a money-saving tool! One day I would like to be more organised, and change it up into more of a money-saving exercise; but that requires far more time and patience than what I have currently got!
So I will start off by talking about how I plan - we do it in the most simplest of ways, and then I will go into more depth in the next post on how I would like to see it work for me in the future... when time is less of a premium in my life! 
I have created my own fortnightly meal-planner, as I couldn't find one online th…

Budgeting 101 - Mindset Over Money...

Good evening again,

I think it is very important to discuss the fact that budgeting isn't only about money - it is much more about mindset; and this can take a while to really change... You may be watching the money, and tracking the money - but if you're not careful with the money, it will still win!
Do you understand what I mean?
Budgeting is not just knowing where you are spending your money, it's also about learning how to manage your spending; how to be more careful where you spend it. 
So, the key for me has been 'organisation'... 

Over the next week or so I will be going more into detail about what kind of organising I do to help with our budget, and how I do it; you can expect posts on menu planning, debt elimination and using the internet as a tool, freezer meals, simple savings, Pinterest, seasonal shopping, cheap meals, and anything else that inspires me on this journey.

Now don't think they will all be separate posts, I don't claim to know enough to b…

Budgeting 101 - Part Two

Good evening again,
So last time I connected with you in regard to budgeting we split our money into three categories and began the hard task of allocating and tracking... this was after we had already made a list of the yearly expenses in the introduction, and had worked out our yearly income.
Tonight I thought I would make this a little bit more real, by discussing with you how we make it work; and sharing suggestions on how to make it easier for you to implement. Following this there are so many other little avenues and deviations that all connect up with budgeting and finances along the way that I want to explore, but aren't necessarily specific to setting up a budget... and I want to make this as user-friendly as possible, so welcome feedback and questions.

Like I said last post - the hard part is now setting it in motion, and tracking your spending between pay cycles. I would recommend using the computer; and if you're even vaguely familiar with excel, setting up a tab per …

Budgeting 101 - Part One

Hi again,
I left you last time grabbing a cup of coffee and writing up a list of expenses... and totalling your income for the year.

Tonight we're going to categorise them very simply and very easily, and then start tracking and thinking about allocating amounts against them...

We personally use four bank accounts, and split our budget accordingly; however, it is just as easy to split it into three categories, over three bank accounts. So I will keep it as simple as possible with three categories:
Number 1 Category (or your main Cheque Account): This is going to have your day-to-day expenses, for us it includes:
Groceries (this covers cleaning stuff, toiletries, pet food, as well as food) Petrol Pocket Money (kids and adults) Family Money (I will explain more about this later)
Number 2 Category (or your Bills / Utilities Account): This is going to have your regular bills and not-so-regular bills (these are NEEDS and not wants):
It is out of this account that you set up your regular AP's a…