My Inspiration

With today being Valentines Day and all; I thought I would share a little bit of my inspiration with you...

These two...

These two are my why, my inspiration, my reason, and everything in between... they are who get me up in the morning, and heading off to work each day; they are whom I cook for, clean for, work hard for, tidy up for, celebrate for. They are my reason for this life - not for life in general, but for THIS life; right here, right now. I would imagine, that if we'd chosen not to have children for whatever reason - we wouldn't be here, doing what we're doing. But they need stability, love and a home; so we are giving them that, all the while chasing our dreams the best way we can in this moment. It is not a sacrifice - it is the life we want right now, and I am confident we're doing the best we can for them. 

So with that in mind; when I was flicking through an old scribble book of mine the other day, I discovered an old poem I had written for my daughter when she was only a few months old, so I thought I would share it here:

A love so profound 
Hit us hard on the day
That you made your entrance
And we're glad you're here to stay

Life would be grey now
If you weren't around
You colour our world
With colours not yet found

You bring light and life
In places there were none
You're opened up doors
And exposed us to the sun

I can't imagine how
We've survived all these years
Without that sweet sweet smile
And the cowlick in your hair

There's just so much joy
In our home and in our hearts
Baby, you're the one
Right from the very start

And after rereading this, and deciding it was worth resurrecting, I felt bad that I had never written any like this for my son... so the other night I came up with the first verse, and this afternoon I finished it.

The cheekiest grin
I ever did see
Belongs to a boy
Who belongs to me

He's tough & he's loud
He's blue-eyed and blonde
He's sweet and he's ours
And of him, we're quite fond

He's gentle, he's rough
He's got it all rolled in one
He's boisterous and fierce
And he's a whole lot of fun

He's quiet & thoughtful
His compassion shines through
He's creative & crafty
And gives the best cuddles too

He's happy, he's content
Our joy and our delight
He's our favourite son ever

And he fills us with pride 

I hope you like them,


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