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The One Year Mark...

Dear Dad,
I know I didn't acknowledge the one year of your passing as I have with previous milestones... life had got too busy; we were only a few days off flying out to Hawaii for our first holiday without the children, and it was chaos. I know you wouldn't have wanted your memories to be the cause of more stress; you were always putting yourself last.
However, you were not forgotten - even if I didn't write about it on here... We arranged and hosted an afternoon tea in your honour with all your favourite food, and had the family over, together with Uncle Max & Aunty Wendy.
There is a theme here; cream and liquorice!
We watched the slideshow we'd put together for your funeral, together with the funeral photos, and listened to the songs we'd chosen for you... it was very touching, and this is what I wrote in my journal just afterwards:
"It's just over the one year since Dad passed & I have yet to write about it or put a poem together - but that is ok. W…
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