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Babysits - Worth it's Weight In Gold!

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are totally my own! Next month we are heading towards our 14 th wedding anniversary... Fourteen years folks, that is something worth celebrating! Now I don’t know about you – but we live in a small town, and other than family; we don’t have a lot of choice for babysitters. We are blessed to have my Mum close by, and an Aunt of mine – both of whom are willing to babysit (most of the time) when we need an extra hand; but we don’t ask a lot, as we don’t want to over-do our babysitter willingness! We also tend to be very family-focused; with working full-time, I find I am more than happy to stay at home with my family and just enjoy time with them... However, sometimes you have to invest in your marriage, or even in yourself and take some time out! How often do you go out? How often do you tend to use babysitters? We were blessed enough this year to spend ten days in Hawaii – a trip that was won, so double-blessing – reas
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