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Next month we are heading towards our 14th wedding anniversary... Fourteen years folks, that is something worth celebrating!

Now I don’t know about you – but we live in a small town, and other than family; we don’t have a lot of choice for babysitters. We are blessed to have my Mum close by, and an Aunt of mine – both of whom are willing to babysit (most of the time) when we need an extra hand; but we don’t ask a lot, as we don’t want to over-do our babysitter willingness! We also tend to be very family-focused; with working full-time, I find I am more than happy to stay at home with my family and just enjoy time with them... However, sometimes you have to invest in your marriage, or even in yourself and take some time out!

How often do you go out? How often do you tend to use babysitters?

We were blessed enough this year to spend ten days in Hawaii – a trip that was won, so double-blessing – reasonably cheap (for us), and a ‘bucket list’ item ticked off for my husband! Ten days away from the kids probably took more planning than the actual trip itself; finding family to babysit, and making sure there was enough food available, the routines were set out, and the kids knew exactly what was going on. What a mission – by the time we got to the airport, we were hyped partially from exhaustion (I worked right up until the day before we flew out), and partially from extreme excitement! I have never gone beyond Australia before, and in eight years we have never been away from the kids for more than a weekend!

Ohhhhhhh - Hawaii... *sigh*!

I am wondering if maybe we should institute a week away each year – you know, to invest in our marriage *grin*, it was such an awesome time! Doesn’t have to be in Hawaii, I am not that fussy; Taupo in summer can be just as beautiful!!!

That got me thinking back to my childhood, and while Mum and Dad didn’t go out much either – they would go away for a week each year, to a work conference for Dad. In the early years they would take us with them, but as we got older they would leave us behind for the week; initially we stayed together with some family friends, but as we got older they sent us to different families (made it easier to have one extra child, rather than two I suspect). I used to dread but also look forward to this week in equal amounts, as much as I missed my parents and our ‘normal’ family routine, they always left us with people we knew well and were comfortable with; and more often than not we were spoiled rotten! My daughter is now old enough to handle this, but my son probably wouldn’t yet cope being away from all of us... He enjoyed the time with Grandparents and Aunts while we were away (the kids stayed home and everyone came to them which helped), but was more than ready to have us home by the time we got back!

The chaos that ensued after we got home!

I also remember doing a lot of babysitting – from about 15 years old onwards, it was a regular part of my life right through until I got married at 29... Most of the time I really enjoyed myself, and the kids were well behaved; I only remember having one bad experience where the kids had me in tears (*shudder*, although I think that was as much to do with me at that time, as it was them). I think, in reality, looking after children is really an integral part of growing up – it’s part of being a community, and it’s important. Every other generation has had younger siblings, or cousins they were expected to look after (or help look after); we’re probably the first generation where that is more unusual than it is normal. So how do the older children, the teenagers, get the opportunity to have this kind of life experience these days? Quite often families tend to socialise with other families who have children of a similar age – it’s easier, and gives you something in common; so unless you are brought up in a big family or close-knit community, this kind of ‘normal’ is just not part of the norm any more. One of the positives of growing up in the church is that we learnt to get on with all the different age groups; from newborns right through to Great Grandparents, and this is something I will always be grateful for, and how we are choosing to bring up our children as well.

And all this talk of babysitting takes me back to the beginning – it’s our wedding anniversary coming up, and if we don’t want to bug our family AGAIN; then I had better start looking around and arrange something else.

So to be approached by Babysits, and discover this amazing website that showcases local babysitters; well – in my opinion, it’s worth its weight in gold! How I have never heard of it before is beyond me, I think I must have been living under a rock until now; the website is well established, and has been around internationally for many years now!

I have had a really good look through – not only are there two pages of Babysitters in our area (I am seriously surprised), but the website is intuitive, easy to navigate and makes total sense! With my husband being in the programming business himself, we are very aware of what can make or break a website, and this is a website that has been set up by professionals, you can tell!

I am seriously excited about this; they are offering you, my lovely readers – five 3-Month Babysits Premium Accounts worth $29.85 for FREE; giving you the chance to find some amazing babysitters in your area, and thus time to invest in yourself and your marriage! Who wouldn’t want to win one of these great prizes!

Go check out Babysits and tell me what you think; first five to respond and leave me a comment as to why they need a Premium Account, get their chance! First in, first served – so get in quick!

A big thank you to Babysits for this opportunity! 



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