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Quick Tips for Dealing with Chronic Illness

Quick Tips for Dealing with Chronic Illness
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I have lived with a chronic illness for the past 25 years, it is not something you would even know if you saw me in the street (it is considered one of those ‘invisible’ illnesses); the only way you would have any understanding of what I live with, is if you know me really well. As you can imagine, over the past 25 years I have come up with some basic strategies that help me deal with this on a daily basis; and most of these tips are things that can be used in other areas of your life, and/or dealing with other chronic illnesses as well.
My Top 7 Tips Are:
1) Know Your Triggers: I can tell you my six top triggers off the top of my head, I have had 25 years of figuring these out – and while every person has different triggers, and every illness has different levels; we all know, to some point, what is going to tip us over the edge and bring on a ‘flare up’.
My triggers are: - Stress - Heat - Exhaustion / Being …

Free Activities to do with Primary School Kids during the Holidays

Free Activities to do with Primary School Kids during the Holidays

1) Take them out
– kids love going out with you, they don’t have to go anywhere, in particular, it’s just the one-on-one or family time together that they desire.

Every community has places where you can have fun that are free...
* Go to the library
* Go for a walk
* Go to the local park
* Walk the streets and discuss the kinds of houses they like
* Visit family or friends
* Window shop and daydream
* Check out the local pet store and name the animals (make sure they know that you’re not
taking a new pet home!)
* Take them to the local skate park
* Take them out of town and go for a walk in the bush
* Explore parts of your district you haven’t been to before
* Have a picnic and let them choose the menu

2) Have a ‘crazy’ day 
– like a crazy hair day, or a crazy clothes day... let them dress up in the weirdest combination of clothing they can find, then invite a couple of friends over on the proviso that they dress up craz…
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