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July 2017

My name is Elizabeth, and I am a 40-something Working Mum... I am happily married and we have two gorgeous children. Button (short for 'Cute As A Button') is our 7 year old daughter, and 'lil M, our son (short for 'Little Man'),  is 5 years old!

Me with my family!
This was taken in December 2016 when 'lil M was 4 and Button was 6!
This photo was taken by Samantha Ram of LittleLove Photography

My husband and I have both spent part of our childhoods in small town New Zealand; but after getting married we moved to Auckland for the first ten years. Two and a half years ago we made the decision to move back to our home town, and give our children the chance of the idyllic childhood we dreamed of, and giving us a chance to finally fulfill some goals, and get ahead in life.

I got a full-time job, allowing hubby the chance to stay at home and begin to step into his dream of becoming a Computer Programmer, and designing intuitive Websites and Apps. We have been able to pay off most of our debt, and save up a deposit to buy our first home in the first year I was working; and have now been in our own home for twelve months - it is a work in progress, but it is ours!

You will find a mixture of things on this blog; but it mainly revolves around my family, and my interests... of which there are a few! My main focus over these past few years has been nutrition, in particular eating healthy on a budget and allergy-friendly food - we were an allergy-family until quite recently, and you can read the post here that explains why we no longer have to battle those issues. I am also a big advocate of budgeting; I don't believe we'd be where we are today if I hadn't started to take a hold of our finances and tightened everything up. But trust me - we have learnt this the hard way, and have wasted so much money, and spent so many years spending carelessly; I shudder when I think back...

I have been fairly inconsistent on the blog these past few years, as I have found working full-time exhausted me; but I lost my Dad to cancer less than two months ago, and this really made me go right back to my roots. Writing always has, and always will be, very cathartic for me; and in order to get through that first horrible month without him - I turned back to writing, and chose to share it on here as well. This has reignited the bug; so I have updated the look, updated this page and am starting again. 

Thank you for joining me, or re-joining me on my journey...



Hi Elizabeth, Im enjoying reading your blog and getting to know you and your beautiful family. Your kids are super cute! Great meeting you on Saturday and Im thrilled to find out that we share the same faith too. Looking forward to reading more from your posts.
Juniper Scott said…
Hi Elizabeth,
I was looking for the idioms "every cloud has a silver lining" and Google sent me to your website. And to be honest, I just loved reading posts about you and your beautiful family.

Keep spreading good thoughts and God bless you and your family.

Juniper, UK
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